Time Investment Advantage Program

Time Investment is a proven system that helps you break up with “busy” and focus your efforts on what matters most.

You can start each day knowing what to work on, make the progress you want, and end the day feeling successful and accomplished.

This program is for women solopreneurs who are…

  • Overwhelmed with options
  • Busy but making little progress
  • Frustrated by an ever growing to do list
  • Seeking work/life balance
  • Ready to make the shift to effective Time Investment

By the end of the program, you will have

Clear Priorities

Define your vision & choose your direction so you can focus your time on what matters most

Health Boundaries

Create boundaries & learn mindset skills that remove distractions to effective time investment.

Optimized Schedule

Develop a specific schedule tailored to your unique needs enables the work/life balance you want.

Imagine an innovative approach to time use that…

  • Boosts confidence & motivation
  • Brings balance and restores joy
  • Enables work/life harmony
  • Provides clear priorities to complete important work
  • Gains you 7 hours a week

That’s the Time Investment Advantage

Time Investment is the best way to run your business and find work/life harmony.
How would you like to handle business priorities and have a life you enjoy?

Gain 7 hours a week by investing your time instead of spending it.

I’m going to show you:

  • A system you can customize to your needs
  • How to choose to the best priorities for your business
  • Mindset skills & boundaries to protect your time
  • Optimize your performance with a custom designed schedule

So you can…

  • Focus on what really matters in business & life
  • Find work/life harmony
  • Boost confidence & motivation

Here’s what we’ll do together

Step 1: Prioritize

  • Learn how to choose your best priorities
  • Align priorities with business goals
  • Let go of what is not serving you
The result: You’ll have clear priorities to get the most from your time.

Step 2: Protect

  • Create boundaries to protect your focus
  • Find out how to overcome procrastination
  • Understand the Time Investment mindset
The result: You’ll have the freedom to focus on the most effective work.

Step 3: Optimize

  • Design a tailored schedule to meet your needs
  • Learn how to shift for the unexpected

The result: You’ll have a schedule that provides time for what matters most in business and life

What You Get

  • 8 weeks of group training sessions with Q&A
  • Step by step guidance so you don’t get overwhelmed
  • Worksheets and tools to help you apply what you’ve learned
  • A private Facebook group for support from me and other members

Ready to take the next step? Let’s talk!

Schedule your free Clarity Call to learn how Time Investment can transform your business.

I can’t wait to help you to invest the most valuable asset you have… Your Time!


Elaine is flexible and non-judgmental in her teaching style, adjusting her approach toward areas of the most need. The solutions she offered me were immediately useable and provided me with the tools I require to better manage my schedule and streamline my workday. I would highly recommend Elaine for your business.

Peter Gosline, President, PLG Healthcare Consulting

Elaine’s help has saved me time and anxiety and boosted my productivity. All of the changes she helped me implement were real and relevant to my situation. She supported and underlined what I was already doing that served me.

Libba Pinchot, PhD

"I have had the pleasure of working with Elaine for several years. A strong problem-solver, an organizational whiz, and highly capable. Elaine brings high energy and a sense of humor to every task. You will find, as I have, that Elaine is a delight to work with. See for yourself -- she won't let you down."

Kevin Kane